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Bukhari Tafseer of the Prophet Session 11 – Laila Nasheeba

Posted in islam by lailanasheeba on May 25, 2016

Hadiths addressing how know one is more deserving of jealousy or honor than Allah. Also hadiths where we are commanded to not differentiate between the prophets.

Keys to Living Islam Session 4 (Over-Confidance) – Laila Nasheeba

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Lecture speaks of how over confidance is just a beautified term for arrogance and one should never feel overly confidant in their relationship with Allah. PowerPoint:

Bukhari Tafseer of the Prophet Session 10 – Laila Nasheeba

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Hadiths addressing how we should not ask questions in which you really do not want to know the answers to. Also hadiths showing only Allah knows 5 things. Also on the day of judgement Ibrahim will be the first to be dressed and some of the prophet’s companions will be led to the hell fire because they apostated after his death

Keys to Living Islam Session 3 (Piety) – Laila Nasheeba

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Lecture speaks of how if one is able to maintain a sense of piety he/she will be able to live Islam. Piety is acheived through refraining the tongue and heart from the things that can destroy it. Success in this leads to good character and Mannerisms which will not only cause Allah to love you but the people around you as well. PowerPoint:

Keys to Living Islam Session 2 (Allah’s Jealousy)- Laila Nasheeba

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Lecture speaks of the fact that Allah is Jealous for us and this jealousy occurs whenever we choose to disobey us. PowerPoint:

Keys to Living Islam Session 1 (Al Fatiha) – Laila Nasheeba

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Lecture speaks of how the Fatiha is the greatest surah of the Quran and why. How it becomes a great key to living Islam because it brings about Awareness of Allah and action that takes you to him. PowerPoint:


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This is my personal blog. Please do not join here to challenge or argue with me. To do so will only result in my banning you from here. If you have comments that are challenging that you would like to share – be woman enough to join me LIVE on my website and present your comment. I say woman enough because most negative comments come from women who suffer from jealousy and envy so shaytaan moves them to leave smart aleck comments. These women need to be reminded that this is one of the reasons why hell will be filled with women.

If you are bold enough to come to me live, I warn you to come with daleel from Quran or sunnah to support what you have to say – not some fatwa – because I am known for making people wear egg on their face.

Also for those ignorant to ask “What scholar do I follow” the answer is the same scholar the companions followed, and the 4 imams, and Ibn Taymia, and Ibn Qayyim, and Abdul Wahhab, and Sheikh Albani, and Ibn Uthaymeen and Sheikh Bin Baaz – and his name is “Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. If that is not good enough for you then you need to ask yourself – ARE YOU A MUSLIM!

For those who would like to know a little more about me, this is all you need to know:

Laila Nasheeba is the founder and Managing Director of AlQuran Wa Sunnah Islamic Site of Learning – an online Islamic Institute- wherein she devotes her time to teaching and calling the Muslims back to the Quran and Authentic Sunnah.

Laila Nasheeba is a graduate of Cleveland State University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Ancient Civilizations. She is also a certified Para-Legal. She has studied Islam with concentration in Hadiths since the age of six from various others beginning with Imam Mutawwaf Abdus Shaheed to her present teacher, Shaykh Mustapha Morsy Abu AtTayyib – who in turn gave her permission to teach from various books of Aqeedah and Hadiths, and due to her understanding of the Sunnah, permission to answer Questions about Islam

Cyberspace – An internet Love Jungle Even for Muslims so Beware!

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Innal Humdulaillah was salah wa salama lah wa rasululah… Ramadan is the best month of the year, especially for the Daiyee such as myself.  Why?  because this is our chance to reach out to those Muslims who we do not see much and try to bring them into the circle of believers.. even here on the net.  This ramadan has been very fruitful for me.  So many new Muslims joining the website eager to learn their religion.  Eager to learn the truth in accordance to the Quran and the Authentic Sunnah.  With the help of Allah I have captured their hearts and increased their faith..but the question is can this be maintained even after ramadan?

Subhanallah the ummah is so fragile.  Muslim women from all over the world searching for paradise, and searching for a man to lead them there.  So many young vulnerable Muslim converts, naive to the fact that cyberspace is filled with Muslim men  who hide behind islam and a computer,  and lay in wait to prey upon new converts!  The sad reality is that most of these vultures are of arabic descent and use that as a means of luring the women in.

“Islam was revealed to the arab and I am arab and I speak the language of the Quran,”  they say.  “Come my sister and I will teach you islam.”

These fragile women with hearts longing for paradise, eagerly accept the invitation, and from there paradise becomes a distant dream as the men fill them with promises of love, romance and worldly passions.  So many of these women end up used, hurt and duped by these vultures, many to the point of apostation.  I thank Allah that he has sent some of these such women to my website for me to look over and steer right… and I have a few words for the vultures of cyberspace:


Something to think about as we surf the net…

Is a Convert Less?

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Subhanallah. I just arrived back from attending a conferece in Houston Texas where I spoke about Passionate Love. The community I visited is a Nigerian community – Masjidul Muslimeen. I must say they are the nicest Muslims I have met in a very long time. They were very welcoming and gracious and seemed to really enjoy my lecture. There was one thing though that amazed me….

There was one sister there at the conference whom I noticed that whenever I spoke she felt the need to take over and add to it. After I had given my lecture she went so far as to take over my Q&A session and answer the questions that were really posed to me. Mind you she did not do this to the other guest speakers – just me. I brushed it off and figured oh well, I answer questions all day long every day so I needed the break. But others did not like it at all.

As I was leaving for the night a few sisters approached me and apologized for the woman’s behavior and one of them asked me her question again – so as to hear MY answer. After I answered her she hugged me, smiled and cried. “I love you Laila Nasheeba,” she said. “You have changed my life so much in so many ways and you do not even know it.”

She went on to tell me how she listens to my lectures on the internet daily. I hugged her back and told her I loved her too and encouraged her to join our website so as she can stay in touch with me. As I then turned to leave, one of my students approached me and introduced me to one of her friends.

“Teacher, this is my friend,” she said. “She really enjoyed your lecture and was shocked that she did because she thought you were a “revert” ”

I was taken aback. “What made her think I was a “convert” ?” I asked, although even if I had been what was wrong with that?

Come to find out, just because I speak like a strong african American – this made her and others too think I am a convert – and because of that they felt I would not have much to tell them about islam. I then began to piece together – this must have been the other woman’s problem too. The reason she felt the need to answer my questions and all is because she too most likely figured me to be a “convert”.

Subhanallah. I explained to my student that some of the most great Islamic speakers today are converts – Khalid Yasin, Seraj Wahhaj, Abdul Hakim Quick – are all CONVERTS and african American. I am neither, but even if I were, what is it that makes others think that I would not have anything to share or say about islam? 

Whatever the reason, people with this ideology are just stopping themselves from acheiving knowledge that could be of so much benefit to them.  My student agreed.

I chalk this up as another reason as to why so many Muslims today are lost, and pray that Allah will open such Muslims hearts to the truth – as told by whomever regardless of race, linguistics or conversion.

Celebrating the Prophet’s birthday a Bidah or not?

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This is a question that many muslim’s have asked.  Well here is the answer is given by the scholars of my website – .  Be sure to leave a comment:)

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