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What and when did you develop an interest in the dawah?

Posted in islam,Laila Nasheeba by lailanasheeba on January 9, 2008
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Subhanallah.  When I was six years old I knew how to read and my mother immediately made me attend classes held at the masjid to learn what being a Muslim was all about.  My first teacher was Imam Mutawwaf Abdus Shaheed and he focussed on teaching the sunnah via Hadith to us.  So thus I began to memorize the hadiths of Bukhari and Muslim beginning at age six along with their meanings. 

By the time I was twelve I was giving presentations on the Rulings of Marriage, Menses and the likes at mini conferences held at our masjid…remember too this was back in the late 70’s when Islam was not a well known thing here in America.  I continued to study Islam with concentration upon Hadith all my life (now included) and when I met up with my present teacher, Shaykh Mustapha Morsy – I then was given permission by him to teach to others.  And I have been on the internet teaching for the past 5 years.

I have sacrificed a lot for this dawah but alhumduliallah it will be worth it.


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  1. srahfromnigeria said,

    subhanallah! May Allah reward your mother with crowns of light on yaomal qiyam.i just read this and subhanallah, i pray Allah gives me a righteous child and make me the best mother i could possibly be.
    As for the sacrifices you made, verily, ‘whoever does an atom weight of good shall see it’ so inshallah, Allah (swt) will reward you abundantly for your good works.
    Also may Allah reward your teachers with good in this life and the next.

    I attend your classes, and hopefully someday when Allah makes me a da’i you would be one of the teachers i benefited from.

    Please keep up the good works and don’t let shaytaan cast any doubt in your heart. Love you for the sake of Allah, sis Laila.

    Wasalam alaykum wa rahmatullah.

  2. Thank you sister for your kind words and may Allah bless us all with knowledge and understanding of this deen..ameen!

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