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Cyberspace – An internet Love Jungle Even for Muslims so Beware!

Posted in islam by lailanasheeba on September 18, 2008
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Innal Humdulaillah was salah wa salama lah wa rasululah… Ramadan is the best month of the year, especially for the Daiyee such as myself.  Why?  because this is our chance to reach out to those Muslims who we do not see much and try to bring them into the circle of believers.. even here on the net.  This ramadan has been very fruitful for me.  So many new Muslims joining the website eager to learn their religion.  Eager to learn the truth in accordance to the Quran and the Authentic Sunnah.  With the help of Allah; I have captured their hearts and increased their faith..but the question is… can this be maintained even after ramadan?

Subhanallah this ummah is so fragile.  Muslim women from all over the world searching for paradise, and searching for a man to lead them there.  So many young vulnerable Muslim converts, naive to the fact that cyberspace is filled with Muslim men who hide behind islam and a computer; and lay in wait to prey upon new converts!  The sad reality is that most of these vultures are of Arabic descent and use that as a means of luring the women in.

“Islam was revealed to the arab and I am arab and I speak the language of the Quran,”  they say.  “Come my sister and I will teach you islam.”

These fragile women with hearts longing for paradise, eagerly accept the invitation… and from there; paradise becomes a distant dream, as the men fill them with promises of love, romance and worldly passions.  So many of these women end up used, hurt and duped by these vultures… many to the point of apostation! I thank Allah that he has sent some of these such women to my website for me to look over and steer right… and I have a few words for the vultures of cyberspace:


Something to think about as we surf the net…


16 Responses to 'Cyberspace – An internet Love Jungle Even for Muslims so Beware!'

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  1. Daania said,

    Mashallah sister!!! I am so glad you are helping me to go in the right direction!

  2. Fasharif said,

    As salaamu alaykum Laila,
    Alhadulillah, the message is very clear. I have become more aware and caution of where i go in the net. You want the best for us and that has been clear. I really appreciate it. We Need a sister in our life to tell us things like this. knowing that you have our back. I have learned to bacome caution and aware of where i go into the net. JaazakAllah khayr for making a change in my life and character.

  3. Melda said,

    Assalamu alaikum dear sister Laila,

    great blog, sister, jazakallahu khair for caring so much about us! I thank Allah every day for finding that website of yours, i can’t wait to learn more about my beautiful deen!

  4. Internet said,

    […] If you liked this post then you may like this one […]

  5. Amira said,

    OOOOOH Sister, I wish I had met you years ago because my life and my decisions would have been so differently. I have learned so much from you and may Allah bless you in all you do. You have truly blessed my life.

  6. Alhumduliallah. You sisters are the best and I just want to make sure no one abuses you in the name of Islam

  7. Muslima said,

    Assalam alaikum

    Unfortunately, Sister Laila, it is not only ‘converts / revert’ women who suffer from this. Even women who are born Muslim have had the misfortune of being cheated /duped by such men (from Arab descent), in the name of Arabic and Islamic Knowledge.

    What is so sad (and shocking) is the fact that many of these men have received formal training in the Islamic sciences in Muslim institutions… yet they have no fear of Allah!

    Fortunately, being born Muslim has its advantages – being brought up in Islam and knowing certain fundamental basics (like not being alone with a NON-mahram man), I quickly came to realise that I had been cheated and deceived when I met them in person in a public place.

    You are right: they use the Internet and e-mail to prey upon innocent Muslim women and then try to defame and slander them with other men. They come to the West, thinking everything is free and open here so that must necessarily mean that all women are as well. They have no idea that not all Muslim women who have been brought up in the West mix freely with men without a legitimate reason.

    I am deeply shocked and greatly saddened by what I experienced of such people. But I thank Allah every day that my Faith protected me. Alhamdulilah! I think it is important for Muslim women to educate other women about Islam even more as nobody can be trusted in this day and age (not even those with Islamic credentials)!

  8. Yes your comments are so true. So many women converts and not converts fall victim to the internet. We have to be careful of this. I also encourage everyone to listen to my recording:

    [audio src="" /]

  9. melbmuslims said,

    Assalamu Alaykum,

    May Allah reward you in your efforts for dawah.

    One thing about your site truly perplexed me.. Why do you have images of women on your site with incorrect niqab, some even with make up on?

  10. Wa Alaikoum Salaam,

    Perhaps because we follow the view that Niqaab is not obligatory, also Muslim women do not have to be “ugly” in appearance. Muslim woman can be nice in appearance without bringing attention to themselves.

    View and listen to this lecture:

  11. SmallPotato said,

    “Muslim women from all over the world searching for paradise, and searching for a man to lead them there”
    – Are u suggesting that the ONLY reason Muslim Women get married is to “Search for paradise” , somehow It seems that this statement has a hint of the Atheistic Philosophy of FEMINISM in it. Women need men and vice versa which is regardless of faith.

    Hopefully this article will have some effect on its readers.

    Peace Be upon you

  12. This is the number one reason because as Muslims it is all about paradise for us.. something you can not understand because as a Non Muslim your concern is only for this world. Its not feminsm nor is it the words of an atheist. Its called knowing your purpose in life and what your main goals are for the future – agains something a non muslim can not understand.

    Pease to you too

  13. Janaan Turner said,

    Assalaamu’Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu Sister,

    I hope this finds you in the greatest of imaan. Jazaki’Allahu’Khayr for this article. Masha’Allah, the points you have made are true.

    Me, myself, I’m a convert to Islam. I converted at 16, and had no real guidence of the deen, and fell prey to internet marriage of a brother from an Muslim country. And I was wrapped up into completing half of my deen and not knowing him that well, I married him.When all was said and done, I was a young muslim abandoned with a child left in shame and divorce. Now having the stigma of being a single mother.

    Still not ready to get remarried, I’m taking this time to learn my deen and my rights. Again, Jazaki’Allahu’Khayr for all the knowledge that you are passing via the airwaves.

    I first found them on PalTalk. I do look forward to joining the classes on the website insha’Allah.

    May Allah reward you for all the things you are doing, and insha’Allah grant you the best of this dunya and hereafter insha’Allah. Ameen.



    • Alhumduliallah sister Janaan. May Allah bless you and I so look forward to seeing you as one of the regular students of sunnahfollowers!:)

  14. Taryn said,

    Arabs, mostly? I think the more pressing problem is the treatment of muslimahs by black American convert men.Wanting to reenact the collecting of baby mamas, only by “marrying” and divorcing multiple women under the cover of religion. Then refusing to “work for the kuffar” but allowing their women and children to subsist on kuffar-funded welfare.
    I think these men are just as wrong and dirty as those who troll the internet, looking for green cards and haraam relationships and we need sisters to be aware of the danger in their own back yard, as well as that from overseas.

  15. Yes sister Taryn I agree that this is another problem faced by Muslim women. In fact this will make an excellent suggestion for our open forum. Please go to this link and submit this as a topic for the Open forum:

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