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Posted in WARNING TO ALL WHO JOIN HERE by lailanasheeba on August 5, 2009
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This is my personal blog. Please do not join here to challenge or argue with me. To do so will only result in my banning you from here. If you have comments that are challenging that you would like to share – be woman enough to join me LIVE on my website and present your comment. I say woman enough because most negative comments come from women who suffer from jealousy and envy so shaytaan moves them to leave smart aleck comments. These women need to be reminded that this is one of the reasons why hell will be filled with women.

If you are bold enough to come to me live, I warn you to come with daleel from Quran or sunnah to support what you have to say – not some fatwa – because I am known for making people wear egg on their face.

Also for those ignorant to ask “What scholar do I follow” the answer is the same scholar the companions followed, and the 4 imams, and Ibn Taymia, and Ibn Qayyim, and Abdul Wahhab, and Sheikh Albani, and Ibn Uthaymeen and Sheikh Bin Baaz – and his name is “Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. If that is not good enough for you then you need to ask yourself – ARE YOU A MUSLIM!

For those who would like to know a little more about me, this is all you need to know:

Laila Nasheeba is the founder and Managing Director of AlQuran Wa Sunnah Islamic Site of Learning – an online Islamic Institute- wherein she devotes her time to teaching and calling the Muslims back to the Quran and Authentic Sunnah.

Laila Nasheeba is a graduate of Cleveland State University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Ancient Civilizations. She is also a certified Para-Legal. She has studied Islam with concentration in Hadiths since the age of six from various others beginning with Imam Mutawwaf Abdus Shaheed to her present teacher, Shaykh Mustapha Morsy Abu AtTayyib – who in turn gave her permission to teach from various books of Aqeedah and Hadiths, and due to her understanding of the Sunnah, permission to answer Questions about Islam



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  1. Saleem said,

    As Salam Walaykum Sister

    Suban Allah really enjoyed your lecture on Thanking Allah.

    Thank You, Jazzak Allah Khair

  2. Alhumduliallah may allah bless you with knowledge and understanding of his deen.. ameen!

  3. Alena said,

    Assalamu aleikum dear sister. Mashallah, your lectures gives me very much. May Allah help you, protect you and give you the best gift He has. Ameen.

  4. Lauren said,

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Ever since my reversion to Islam I have always look towards fatwas as a way in deciding a few things. I do go to the Sunnah and the Qur’an for my answers, but sometimes I can’t decide what to do, so I go to fatwas. For example, I believe that niqab is mustahab, but not fardh for women. I do not see anything in the qur’an telling a woman to wear niqab. I know in Sura Ahzab 33:59, it speaks on the Prophet’s Wives, Daughter, and mothers of the believers to wear the jilbab. But I also know that when the hijab verse was revealed that the women of the Ummah would tear the aprons and sheets and cover themselves excluding the eyes. I believe that niqab is a beautiful idea if you have the right intent. My trouble is, should I wear niqab in the West? I have friends who wear niqab, but my family is Non-Muslim. I know there will be grief, especially with my parents. What should I do? I really want to wear niqab.

  5. The majority of the Companions and scholars agree that Niqab is not obligatory. To read more on this:

    Fatwa is to be used on those grey areas of Islam that were not clearly addressed by Allah or his messenger. If Allah and his messenger have addressed something then there is no need to look for other opinions. This is the problem with muslims today. They look for opinions instead of first researching what Allah and his prophet had to say about a thing.

    Join the classes at our website to learn more about islam:

    First class begins at 3pm EST

    And allah knows best

  6. shukria said,

    Assalamu aleikum dear sister. Mashallah, your lectures gives me so much understanding about islam. My whole family listens to you. You have help me so much. May Allah help you, protect you and give you the best everything. Ameen. i love ur voice. first time i have stop and listened to a sister. Mashallah for ur knowledge and wisdom. I hope that one day allah blesses me with the same knowledge of islam.

  7. Lauren Anderson said,

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    You are really a great teacher! I haven’t went to a fatwa site in a very long time….when you tell us to avoid fatwa sites and to stick to quran and sunnah then thats what I do…you’re so true. When going to those fatwa sites its nothing but trouble most times.

  8. khadijah said,

    as salaam alaikum

    Do you have you any of your audio lectures transcribe into written/article format on the website?

  9. Hassan Feroze said,

    My great muslim sister,as salaam alaikum. Beutiful lectures, I pray for ur health and long life. Only God can give you the reward for this sincere effort to reform muslims. Once again prayers for u from the core of my heart.

  10. IslamicChamper said,

    Salam alaikum Sister

    MashAllah..My first time here and im really happy that i found your blog,i will spend a great deal of time listen and learn more….my hope is that Muslims today will change to the better and be closer to Allah than many are not….I am too a blogger and run 3 blogs beside my Site’s..and i teach online on Islamic teachings.organisation.

    May Allah bless your work.Ameen

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