Laila Nasheeba

The Believer Rises by Lifting Others

Posted in islam by lailanasheeba on December 8, 2016


The Believer Rises by Lifting Others; Not by having Others lift him!

I look at the facebook pages of some Muslim’s who say they are studying Islam by attending online universities taught by famous personalities and I am amazed. Their personal facebook pages tell it all. Many of these Muslim’s are lacking in knowledge of the lawful and unlawful. Reviewing their Facebook Page also shows a lack of knowledge in regards to the proper way to perform our obligations such as the prayer. Even more of these Muslim’s lack knowledge of what invalidates the testimony of faith; so I say — What are these Muslim’s learning?!? Then again; perhaps the question should be – What are their teachers teaching?!?

To all my students –> Remember that Islam is based on two concepts: The Book of Allah and the Example of our Prophet (sa). Everything you study and learn should relate back to those two concepts. Do not waste your time on anything that does not bring you back to that concept.

Despite how others may boast and brag about what famous personality they study from; continue to join my classes everyday, and know that I will check your status from time to time – for that is what a true teacher should do — because you are an example of my teachings.

Also bear in mind that Allah checks all of our status all of the time! The true Believer rises by lifting others — not by having others lift them to fame or anything else! See you in class!


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