Laila Nasheeba

How to Develop Islamic Character and Mannerisms Session 15

The art of speaking is taught in accordance to Ibn Abbas the student of the Prophet Muhammad:
1. Do not indulge in senseless talk, because it is useless and absurd,
2. Talk purposefully when there is an occasion for it,
3. Do not indulge in hot discussion with an intelligent man or with a fool. If he is intelligent, he will be angry with you and will hate you, and if he is a fool and uneducated, he will try to harm you.
4. In the absence of your brother speak of him in the same words in which you would like him to speak of you in your absence, and consider him innocent of the thing which you would like him to consider you innocent of.
5. Act like a man who thinks that he will be rewarded for a good deed and will be punished on committing a crime.”



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