Laila Nasheeba

How to Thank Allah

So many people come to us asking why it seems that they seem to have more bad things happen to them than good things.  Well it boils down to one simple question…When was the last time you thanked Allah?

It may sound strange but the reality is that very few people actually take the time to thank Allah when something good happens to them. So often we tend to focuss in on the bad things in our lives and complain about how miserable we are. But if we were to take the time to think about the good things in our lives and then fall to our knees and thank Allah…we would see that the good always outweigh the bad.

The next time you get a bit of good news, try falling down to your knees and thanking Allah. I guarantee that Allah will in turn keep the good things coming to you:)

Watch the video and then share your views with me.

47 Responses to 'How to Thank Allah'

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  1. AminahP. said,

    oh MaashaAllah sis Laila what a beautiful; and informative video lecture.I do have one question I have a bad left knee and I am having to pray in a chair I truly want to prostrate and I miss it ,it’s as though my prayer is not truly complete for me because I have to pray in a chair.How is a person in this situation to do this? I really am learning alot from your classes and I pray you continue to be blessed and continue to be able to teach your classes ,maashaAllah ,ameen.
    Thankfulness to Allah we can talk to Him just like I am talking to you in this message, no particular dua just talk to Him ,correct?subahanAllah
    It is also so comforting for me to know I can pray to Allah without having to speak arabic maashAllah
    I allowed this to be a reason for not praying to Allah as much as I probably would have had I not thought I had to make my duas and thankful prayers to Allah in arabic.Islam is easy ,and we are supposed to take the middle course so I have been making it hard for myself,subahanAllah.
    I thank Allah He has sent me back to your school maashaAllah so I will be able to learn,,,I am learning more in last few days since returning than the entire time I was away wa’lhamdulillah.

    MaashaAllah what you said the Prophet said SAW that the servant will be deprived because of the open sins we commit ,such a strong saying it really touched me and maashaAllah I was can see clearly now how I need to approach Allah with thankfulness.JazakiAllahu khayron sis.
    Beautiful video lecture!

  2. Alhumduliallah I am glad you benefited from the video and are learning from the website. Duaa means “talk with Allah”; this is what duaa is. So yes you can talk to Allah as you are doing here and you should do this as much as possible because it will bring you closer to him.

    If you can not prostate due to physical reasons, then you can just bow in a chair. Not being able to prostrate will not take away from your prayer.

    May Allah continue to bless you with knowledge and understanding of this deen.

  3. Abdul-Alim said,

    Allamdulillah, Takbeer, You always have a way addressing the issues that I am going through. By the way, what is the proper way to call a female Shaykh? As always, may you be rewarded in this temporal world and the eternal Hereafter.

  4. imran said,

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Why does Allah sometimes Not Answer Our Dua?

    • femida said,

      He knows when and what to give you. Trust him put all your faith in Allah.

  5. Wa Alaikoum Salaam,

    There are many reasons as to why your duaa may not get answered from number one – not following the ettiquettes of making duaa as given in the lecture series – or perhaps you are engaing in major sin, or perhaps you are not practising your religion as you should – or perhaps you need to be more patient.

    Be sure to join the Tawheed classed held daily by me at 2pm EST which is 7pm United Kingdom time.

  6. imran said,

    Assalamu Alaikum. Thank you for your reply.

    I’ve heard Allah may not respond to a Dua in this life even if a person is very pious and very religious. Allah may respond to the Dua in the hereafter.

  7. This is true.

  8. Maj'ness said,

    Mashallah sis seems like you are involved in some really good work for the deen. May Allah accept all your efforts.

  9. Alhumduliallah join us at

  10. Kareema said,

    Alhumduliallah, Alhunduilallah, Alhunduilallah
    May ALLAH reward you for your deeds….

  11. nihal said,

    MashaAllah sis u gave such a beautiful talk, i was crying while listening to ur it and fell in prostration with tears in my eyes and it was beautiful – keep it up sis

  12. Alhumduliallah be sure to join the classes everyday at First class begins at 2pm EST which is 8pm United Kingdom Time

  13. fatima said,

    Asalamualaikum sister
    I am a practicing muslim. i pray 5 times a day, fast the occasional monday, thursday and friday. i have friends who are lesbians and i hang out with them sometimes, is this wrong. please enlight me because i don’t want to be commiting a sin without knowing.

    • Wa Alaikoum Salaam,

      Yes it is haram to hang out with these people because the prophet said you are what you associate with. To associate with lesbians means there is something wrong with you so leave these people alone and find God fearing Muslims to be friends with

  14. maryam said,

    i am married but i am extremly worried about my DEEN , i m not satisfied wth my DEEN , i want more worth in my life , but i can`t do , as newly married in a non religiously family , i m very worried aboput this thing also, plz help me, guide me , i listened ur speech , its mashallah great, thanks , jazakallah……………….. reply me quickly , plz

    • Wa Alaikoum Salaam,

      I pray that you are married to a Muslim because islam only allows women to marry Muslim men. If your husband is Muslim but doesnt practice I suggest you consult with your local Imam so he can help you and your husband

  15. maryam said,

    mashalllah mashallah mashallah
    how lucky ur parents r , whose daughter u r, mashllah
    i will be so, and may i also get so pious childrens, inshallah,
    ur every every single speech is worth lstening for many many times, mashallah, may allah help u more, give u more strength , and guide u more to his best path, ameen, i feel luvky now that i got this site,,,,,,,,,,,, jazalkallah,
    where do u work, in uk, ?
    tell me ,so i can join, tahks

    • Wa Alaikoum Salaam,

      I live in the USA and I am glad you benefit from my lectures. Be sure to join the classes live

  16. mustafa said,

    mashallah we all muslims came here for doing good things.BUT we need to pray for the children to allah that pass all the muslims then all muslim children will thank allah.Now a days children think that if they fail,they fail because of allah that is too bad.

  17. Brishna said,

    Salam Sister,

    I got some good news today and didnt know how to thank Allah so i decided to search the internet and i came across this video. Mashallah this video has opened my eyes and i have learnt a lot from it. Subhanallah Allah is great.

  18. Alhumduliallah sister I am glad to have been of benefit. Feel free to join our classes everyday at to learn more about islam.

  19. Humza said,

    Thankyou for this video.I am only 14 years old but i was looking for a way to thank allah for the good news i recived. I did not know how to thank allah and i learned much from this lecture. This video opened my eyes to some of my mistakes

  20. waqas said,

    i hav just recieved brilliant exam results alhamdulillah and i was wondering if there are any extra duaas to read in nafal salaat or is there another particular type of salaat to thank allah? if there is what niyaah should be made

  21. The prophet (sa) said the best duaa is the one that comes from your heart. You do not need a specific duaa.. talk to allah yourself and thank him from your heart.

  22. henna said,

    mashallah this was amazing!!!!! may allah guide us all to the right path inshallah.

  23. ubaydllah said,

    mushallah i was crying ahallka suballah

  24. Amina Hassan said,

    The person who does not thank people, does not thank Allah..I thank you so much my teacher for coming daily to teach us our deen. Allah ta’ala has blessed me to be able to attend your wonderful classes… I love you for the sake of Allah ta’ala and I pray with all sincerity that He subhanahu wa ta’ala blesses you and the ones you love with the best of this life and the BEST of the next life… Ameen Ya Rabb Ameen!!

  25. Saman Fatima said,

    As salam alaykum

    im only 10 years old
    i have a speech on thanking allah i would love to here you tell me somethings that would help me in this speech
    please help me the webite i gave u is my grand fathers he takes people to iran iraq and other places
    please give me a reply as soon as possible

  26. Saman Fatima said,

    this is the right website

  27. Maria Hossain said,

    As salamualaikum..

    I’m really very impressed that Allah ta’ala has blessed u with all these work of deen.May Allah continuously bless u n give u strength..Pls pray for me to Allah..I’m a bangladeshi girl.and I want to dedicate my life totally to the path of Islam…

  28. ShukiAllah Wala Hamdolillah

  29. I was wondering if there are any extra duaas to read in nafal salaat or is there another particular type of salaat to thank allah? if there is what niyaah should be made

    • There are no specific duaa needed to thank Allah. You simply thank him for whatever the good is that happened and you do it as shown in the video by prostrating and simply saying “Thank you for whatever it is”

  30. Jibran said,


    I came across your page via a Google search. I can’t seem to see the video at all. Is it just me facing the technical issue?

    • Check it now

    • Try it now

      • Jibran said,

        Works now..Jazakallah!

  31. Danish said,


    MashaAllah,very nice lecture.

    Thank u so much Laila Nasheeba.

  32. Hamza Khan said,

    I felt so nice reading all the comments… I thank ALLAH for showing me this page…I thank ALLAH for giving me everything I have in my life…I thank ALLAH for whatever I am…I thank ALLAH for making me a muslim…I thank ALLAH for giving me two eyes…I thank ALLAH for giving me all body parts which some people dont have…thanks ALLAH for letting me write this

  33. محمد بن عباس غوا said,

    Allah is always good,bt most human know not.for me,i thank HIM FOR HIS HELP THROUGH MY LIFETIME

  34. HGh Advanced said,

    Awesome contribution, sweet webpage layout, maintain the great work

  35. Jewel said,

    A lots of Thanks to you laila for your kind thanking to Allah and also for your useful article.

  36. Luke said,

    Thank you Sister it is really Helpful

  37. i m not able to see the video because of my cell but i readout ur lecture and comments of all the people
    i jurSt finding some lines to thanks allah 4 giving me everything and the most ,he make me muslim
    well i m 16 nd i have nothing to say…
    And u realy doing good job ,may allah bless all muslims and give right guidence us.
    And give shifa to all muslims…Ameen ya rabbul alameen
    jazakallah khair (from-india) …:-)

  38. Helez Selim said,

    How can I get the video website

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