Laila Nasheeba

Lessons learned from the Companions – Ali’s drive for Peace with Ayesha!

The arguments advanced by Qa’aqa had their way. They were most effective and impressive. Ayesha asked Qa’aqa, “Then, what do you suggest ?” He said, “I suggest that instead of fighting make peace. Strengthen the hands of Ali, and when law and order is fully established the Muslims acting in concert should determine how the vengeance for the blood of Othman could be taken. ” Thereupon Ayesha said, “If that be the view of Ali as well, we agree to make peace on honorable terms. ” Qa’aqa respectfully took leave of Ayesha, and returned to Ali to report the success of his mission. So thus Ali and Ayesha were on the road to trying to end the fitnah peacefully.

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