Laila Nasheeba

Lessons Learned from the Companions – Uthman Session 1

As it is today, there seems to be for every fitnah encountered by the Muslims the Jews were behind it. The fitnah that occurred with the companions began during the Caliphate of Uthman with a man named Ibn Saba who was responsible for beginning a religious movement against Islam. It aimed at the subversion of Islam by creating doubts among the Muslims with regard to certain matters of their belief. So thus, from the cruel designs of one Jewish man, the whole muslim nation was in sedition. Not from anything that could be proven to be true of Uthman, but rumors and allegations based on people who had it out for him simply because he did not support some wrong or desires of theirs.

Such is the same for many of us today . When faced with fitnah, we look back to how it was in the beginning to try to figure what did we do wrong to bring this upon ourselves. And often times we come up empty handed. Such was the case for Uthman.

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