Laila Nasheeba

Lessons learned from the Companions – Uthman Session 2

Despite Aamir being vindicated of the lies made against him by Uthman, He did not return the favor. He felt that Uthman should have never investigated him and became bitter towards him. Aamir insisted that charges or no charges, he had forfeited the right to rule, and should step down of his own free will or he would be removed by force. That was pure sedition on the part of ‘Aamir and hot words were exchanged between the two, but to show how just Uthman was, all he did was ban the return of Aamir to Kufa, the place that seeded him with these bad thoughts, and instead sent him back to Syria and told Muawaiyah to care for him and keep an eye on him

Such is the nature of those who are righteous. Despite the disrespect and lies of others, the Righteous try to remain just and upright hoping that Allah will mend the broken fences and guide the rebellious ones back to the truth

Again, this wisdom would later lead to the downfall of Uthman

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