Laila Nasheeba

Principles of Islam – Terrorism is NOT Islam!

“Allah the Most Exalted folded for me the earth, so much so that I saw its easts and wests (i.e. the extremities). The kingdom of my community will reach as far as the earth was folded for me. The two treasures, the red (gold) and the white (silver) were bestowed on me, I prayed to my Lord that He may not destroy my community by a prevailing famine, and not give their control to an enemy who annihilates them unless the enemy is from among themselves. My Lord said to me, ‘Muhammad, if I issue a decree, it is not withdrawn; I have promised your Ummah that I will not destroy it by a prevailing famine, and I shall not give their control to an enemy -except from among themselves -who will exterminate them even if they are stormed from all sides of the earth; only a section of them will destroy another section, and a section will take as prisoner another section.’

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