Laila Nasheeba

To Believe in Allah Session 19 – Laila Nasheeba

“Whoever loves for the sake of Allah, and hates for the sake of Allah, and befriends for the sake of Allah and shows enmity for the sake of Allah, would get Allah’s friendship. Without abiding by this, no one can get the real taste (sweetness) of Iman (Belief) though he may have been a frequent offerer of prayer (Saifit) and fasts. Today people keep relationship, and love only for some worldly reason but this will not provide them any benefit (on the Day of Judgement).”

Lecture speaks of how love and fear of Allah is to be incorporated in one’s make up to be a true believer. Understanding this serves as the key to handling the trials of life!

“Whoever seeks Allah’s pleasure at the cost of men’s displeasure, will win the pleasure of Allah and Allah will cause men to be pleased with him. Whoever seeks to please men at the cost of Allah’s displeasure, will win the displeasure of Allah, and Allah will cause men to be displeased with Him.”

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